Ideal Practices Working With Deaf Performers

Ideal Practices to Work With Deaf Interpreters and/or Deaf Performers

  1. Provide a script in advance. 
  2. Book a team with ASL-English Interpretation, ASL Coach (or DASL), and a Deaf Consultant. (The Deaf Consultant and ASL Coach/DASL can be the same person if resources are limited) 
  3. An opportunity to watch the performance prior to rehearsing themselves (could be recorded or live performance or a full run-through rehearsal)
  4. Preparation time for the Deaf (Interpreters) Performers.
  5. Walk through of the performance
  6. Separate rehearsal time with ASL-English Interpreters and ASL (or DASL) 
  7. Blocking Rehearsal 
  8. Tech and dress rehearsal. 

Steps 1 – 8 are the bare minimum.Other things to consider – 

Promotion Directly to the Deaf Community

Flyer/Poster Distribution

ASL Promotion

Interpreters tend to charge a two-hour minimum per assignment (and that doesn’t always include prep time!) 

Examples of ASL Access

Mirrored Performance:

Short Film on Sign Language Theatre (30 mins):


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