Deaf, what?

Deaf, what? is an exciting multimedia exhibit developed by Toronto-based artist Sage Lovell in collaboration with photographer Alice Lo that highlights the experiences and contributions of activists, change-makers and everyday people who identify within the Deaf spectrum – as having some degree of deafness. In January 2018, we filled Tangled Art Gallery with 50 portraits of individuals from across the country and interviews documenting their travels, these artists want to draw attention to the multitude of Deaf folk whose legacies continue to be ignored.

“The history of Canada’s treatment towards Deaf people includes acts of audism spanning more than a couple of centuries. It’s time for more visibility, awareness, and recognition. We are inviting you to explore our lives through our intersectional experiences in “Deaf, what?” – Sage Lovell

“These beautiful portraits on display at Tangled Art Gallery are reflective of Alice and Sage’s thoughtful engagement with distinct Deaf folk from across the country. Deaf, what? is not just an exhibit, it’s a legacy project that will continue to expand and grow…” – Barak adé Soleil, former Curator and Artistic Director of Tangled Art + Disability.

In February 2018, we opened our doors to “Deaf, what?” exhibition at 401 Richmond at the Tangled Art Gallery. It was a great success and many Deaf people admired that this project occurred. We were able to showcase beautiful portraits of Deaf individuals from all over Canada. In total, we had 52 portraits taken. In order to take these portraits, we travelled to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, London, and Halifax.

Interview with Sage & Alice:

Interview with Dr. Jenelle Rouse:

Interview with Landon Krentz

Interview with Andrea Zackary

Interview with Thurga Kanagasekarampillai

Interview with Vicente Teng

Interview with Pete Owusu-Ansah

Interview with Krishna Madaparthi

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