Toronto Seed Library


Hello! Today I am discussing about the Toronto Seed Library. This sign is for the word “SEED.”

Toronto’s Seed Library was established in 2012 by the Occupy Gardens Toronto. We distribute seeds that have been extracted from plants, including herbs, fruit, vegetables, and more.

What does the program do? We borrow the seeds, grow them into plants, and cultivate the seeds to go back to the library.

This means other people can have access to the library, repeating the cycle of seed distribution.

We will also distribute information on how to cultivate (preserve) the seeds, how to grow them into plants, to grow these plants into food.

This means that we can have an endless supply of food.More people would have access to food.

Currently, there is more than 15 seed libraries all across Ontario, in North America and all across the globe. The goal is to borrow, grow, and cultivate to give back to the community so we all can have access to food. Thank you for watching.”

Image Description: Sage has shoulder length curly red hair, with white sunglasses on their head, they are wearing a green lace dress with a light denim vest. Sage is standing in front of a building at the University of Toronto

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