Sage Lovell



Drawing by Carlisle Robinson
Photo By Alice Lo

Sweet Sage Biography

Sweet Sage is a Deaf femme queer nonbinary artist. Before moving to Toronto, Sage lived in Washington, DC to attend Gallaudet University, the only educational institution served to accommodate the needs of Deaf students in the world. This experience transformed their life, there Sage studied both psychology and theatre. Realizing that accessibility was more than 20+ years behind in Canada, Sage returned to their roots and focused on advocacy. These past five years, Sage has worked with various communities in several capacities, developing meaningful work that continues to evolve. With Sage’s many talents, they were able to incorporate their passions of media, language, theatre, and accessibility into works of art. These multitude of experiences led Sage to become one of the co-founders of Deaf Spectrum, a collective established to promote the accessible usage of American Sign Language (ASL). Currently, Sage is working on a project called “Deaf, what?” alongside with Deaf Talent Photographer Alice Lo to document 50 Deaf Folks across Canada with the support of Tangled Art & Disability. Sage also works as a writer, actor, performance interpreter, and community facilitator.