PUSH.PULL is a six-month online series of interdisciplinary events examining emergent and intersectional developments in performance art and QT BIPOC cabaret. Curated by storyteller, producer and stage performer Dainty Smith and multidisciplinary artist Golboo Amani, this project highlights QTBIPOC cabaret performers at the intersections of live stage performance and radical political performativity.

Performances by; Adrienne Huard, Anasimone, Babia Majora, Betsy Swoon, Cara De Melo, Cat Zaddy, Crocodile Lightning, Dolly Berlin, Gay Jesus, Imogen Quest, Ivory, James Knott, Johleen, Kimora Koi, LAL, Lucinda Mui, Lwrds, Mikiki, Ravyn Wngz, Robin Akimbo, Suki Tsunami, Tanya Cheex, Tygr Willy

With Special Appearances by; Perle Noire, Rania El Mugammar, Aggie Panda, Amber Dawn

PUSH.PULL presents three online Showcases featuring performers from across North America. Each showcase offers a diverse range of contemporary practices reflecting the theatrical, political and emotional range and depth of cabaret performance.

For more info about PUSH.PULL Showcases visit https://buddiesinbadtimes.com/show/pu… PUSH.PULL also includes a three-part speaker series inviting performers and cultural creatives to engage in conversations at the intersections of visual culture, sex work, performance and politics by recognizing cabaret as a site of cultural production and community engagement. We will have ASL interpreters for these events.

Additionally, this project includes a series of workshops led by professionals in the field, aimed at engaging audience participants and community members in immersive skill- sharing experiences deepening appreciation, interest and critical engagement with cabaret. For more information about PUSH.PULL workshops and the speaker series visit https://www.alunatheatre.ca/programmi…

Access Information
All events are free to access online. We will have ASL interpreters for the Speakers Series events as well as the Kripping Cabaret with Aggie Panda Workshop. Online Showcases provide Closed Captioning.

In association with Aluna Theatre & Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Sponsored by FADO Performance Art Centre. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Image credit: Sly Pereira @slyplaystudios

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