Post National Volunteers


No Professional Experience Required
LGBTQI friendly – Diverse Deaf Applicants Encouraged and Welcome

York’s Theatre Department is looking for 12 Deaf volunteers (17-30 years old) for the upcoming production of Post-National, in partnership with Toronto’s internationally-acclaimed Volcano Theatre. The 12 Deaf volunteers will be invited to follow a series of instructions in front of an audience. The instructions are given DURING the performance. This is not for the faint of heart – but it won’t be too terrifying either. You simply need to show up, and be open to receive the instructions in front of an audience (from texts you read or slides or from other people). You will be asked to speak your truth. Importantly, we are not looking, necessarily, for trained performers! ALL are welcome. We want YOU! Individuals that are willing to join us for an adventure. Canadians of all kinds willing to be honest about what it means to be Canadian right now.

I’m intrigued, but what is this exactly?

Post-National is a devised theatre piece, which means it is created from the ground up by Volcano artists Ross Manson, Deborah Pearson and Kate Alton in collaboration with the 4th year acting conservatory. The actors from our department will perform the first act, then open the floor to our Deaf volunteers for a second half in which – by following the prompts – you create your own version.

The piece is in reaction to Justin Trudeau’s statement that “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”

As Canada celebrates 150 years, this is a questionable assertion. Is Canada truly past nationalism? Are we really only bonded by “openness, respect, compassion, and willingness to work hard”? Who are we really? The vital voice in answering this question is yours.

Our 4th year acting conservatory students have been asking themselves questions about their own heritage, their relationship to being ‘Canadian’, and broadly what can be done to change the world. Will you lend your voice to the conversation? We want to hear from you.

That’s all well and good, what’s in it for me?

This is an opportunity in a safer space to develop the cultural practice of active citizenship. To give voice to your truths. To discover what you and others think about the state of our Here and Now. Whatever your area of expertise, your voice counts in discovering a vision of Canada that is real – that is being carried around inside the people around you. We hope to give you an opportunity to surprise yourself by thinking on your feet, in public space, in front of an audience! This can be a magical experience, where your imagination and personal history are engaged in a unique never-to-be-repeated performance.

YES, I want to participate!

Deaf participants must be available for Wednesday, November 22nd at 5:30pm for the 7:30 pm show in the Joe Green Theatre, York University. Expect to be available at least another 2 hours for the performance, though not on stage for that whole duration. Deaf volunteers will be paid a small honorarium of $40.

If you would like to participate please contact Sage Willow: with the subject heading Post-National Volunteer.

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