MONDAY NIGHTS by 6th Man Collective Collective Members: Byron Abalos, Colin Doyle, Darrel Gamotin, Richard Lee, Jeff Yung, Sarah Miller. Five men came together every Monday night and stayed until the lights turned off. They didn’t come to watch. They came to play. Based on the ongoing real-life pickup basketball games played for the better part of a decade, Monday Nights is an interactive basketball and theatre experience with the same five men recreating their stories for the stage and exploring how a simple game can help us understand ourselves and connect to our community. No matter your age, skill, knowledge or passion for basketball, lace up your sneakers, get off the bench and into the game – the ball is in your court. On June 9, a team of eight ASL interpreters will bring this interactive experience to our audiences with hearing disabilities. Monday Nights welcomes you to join the action or watch from the comfort of your seat. In 2017, Luminato announced an exciting initiative to support artists who have come through The Theatre Centre’s Residency Program. We’re proud to present Monday Nights as the 2019 Residents Project, following the success of Out the Window in 2018.

$20 tickets with code ASLJUNE9