Dido – Queen of Carthage

Hello All,

Unfortunately due to the the size of our production and labour disruption on our campus we will no longer be continuing with the ASL interpretation of Dido on March 21st. The play is written in old English and so our interpreter team are unable to provide professional services on the ASL interpretation of the production. The production will still continue on March 21st, unfortunately without ASL interpretation.

We will also be continuing with our Relaxed Performance on Thursday March 22 for anyone with sensitivity needs.

Theatre@York has taken our mistakes very seriously and will be moving forward with our future productions to make sure our ASL interpreted performances are presented with adequate preparation. We have been dedicated to outreach in the Deaf community for the past few years and are still learning how to facilitate interpretations properly. Theatre@York is continuing to do everything possible in order to make arts and culture more accessible to audiences of a wide range of abilities.

Thank you for your interest and support in our productions. We hope you will be interested in our shows in future seasons.

Katya Norton

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