Archive of Missing Things

A contemplative game happening undercover in a library.
Equipped with an iPad and a headset, you have 90 minutes to explore a maze-like archive in search of the secret at its centre, guided by a live performance happening discreetly around you. Created by Zuppa with Trillium-Award-winning writer Kate Cayley, this performance, online book and game, travels through the debris of civilization in the age of rising sea levels.
“Imagine a high-tech theatrical hybrid of the works of Marcel Proust and the Myst series of computer adventure games, and you’re in the ballpark of where Zuppa Theatre Co. is playing…” – LocalXpress, Halifax
Location: Sanderson Library,
ASL interpreted performance: Thursday 15th August 5pm
Tickets are free, but should be booked in advance through our website:

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