About Us


Hello everybody,

My name is Sage Lovell (sign name “sweet”) and I am the founder of Deaf Spectrum. Let me tell you a bit about us – the idea first came up in about 2013 when we noticed a huge lack of accessible information in sign language. This idea became reality in January 2015 with our YoutTube Channel. One the past three years, we have expanded our services. For example, Grant Writing Services, Workshops (for Deaf, HoH, and Hearing – both in sign language and interpreted spoken English), Accessibility, Sign Language Interpreter Bookings (for large events only), Sign Language Performances, Private One-on-One Tutoring Services, Event Planning

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If you want to e-mail us, we are reachable at info@deafspectrum.com and we can set up Skype to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). Thank you for watching this vlog!

Deaf Spectrum was established in 2015 with our YouTube channel providing promotional vlogs and ASL translations. The idea came up two years before, when a group of young Deaf Queer activists realized there was a huge lack of accessible information in American Sign Language (ASL). 

Since 2015, we have produced more than four hundred sign language translation videos, gathered more resources, and worked with hundreds of clients. We provide services including but not limited to sign language interpreter bookings, grant writing, consultation, translation, promotion, and more! 

Over the years, our focus has shifted into investing more in accessible arts and we believe in supporting Deaf artists by creating opportunities.